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All About Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most popular (fictional) manga and anime characters of all time based on his own story in the Naruto franchise that is still, to this day remains one of the best and probably for years to come. Naruto Uzumaki plays the role of protagonist in the series, a young and enthusiastic ninja born in the small village of Konohagakure to Kushina and Minato Uzumaki.

Naruto Uzumaki’s Early Life

Naruto Uzumaki’s birth was probably one of the most iconic and memorable scenes in the series. Kushina was due for childbirth so, Minato took her to a safe place that no one knew about as she was the bearer of one of the most fierce beast, nine tail fox inside of her and Minato knew it’d be disastrous to everyone if something went wrong and it did, in the shape of a masked man Tobi, who was there to take control of the beast and kill whoever stands in his path.

Kushina couldn’t hold the beast anymore and it was unleashed to cause havoc in the village with no one to protect the villagers, with many dead and injured. Minato and Kushina combined their chakra to hold the beast and seal him inside the body of their newborn, Naruto. This proved to be fatal and they both lost their lives in this attempt but hoping that it’d one day help Naruto to save the village if any danger were to come.

Naruto spent his childhood without his parents but luckily, he was very optimistic, joyous and his will power knew no limit as the villagers always held him responsible for whatever happened to the village. But against all odds, Naruto wanted to be the best ninja and the Hokage of this village and earn everyone’s respect.

Naruto Uzumaki’s Journey

Naruto starts his journey to become Hokage, by joining a Ninja academy where he learns from his master Iruka and meets others like him, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruna. Sasuke unlike Naruto is an exceptional fighter with special skills that Naruto appreciates and wished that one day he’d be an equal match to him and he also grows a crush on Sakura something that annoys her as she is attracted towards Sasuke because of his exceptional skills.

Naruto learns different skills and also learns to handle his Junchiriki to become a ninja and joins a ninja team included Sasuke and Sakuna, under Kakashi’s leadership.

Naruto on his journey to climb up the ranks meet Jiraiya who teaches him different skillsets that might help him in the battle which wasn’t too far as the village was attacked by Orochimaru and the one tail jinChuriki who Naruto convinces to let go. Naruto later finds out about the evil organization by the name of Akatsuki who wants to take control of the Nine tail beast that is sealed inside Naruto’s body.

Sasuke on the other hand joins the evil forces of Orochimaru while Naruto doesn’t give up on him and join others to find and rescue him as a promise he made to Sakura and at least Naruto finds Sasuke but it ends up in an epic battle between the two, however, the battle proves inconclusive with Sasuke still hell-bent to destroy whoever comes in his way and Naruto on making him realize that he has lost his path.

Haven’t watched Naruto Yet?

There is very little chance that you haven’t watched Naruto but if you really haven’t, well then you are totally missing out on something so good in your life. Naruto is amongst those ones in a thousand anime series that has the potential to keep you hooked to the screen for days to come filled with emotions, epic fights, suspense, and everything that you’d wished for.!

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